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Anxiety Disorders/OCD

Social Anxiety

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Panic Attacks

Generalized Anxiety


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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is an eclectic form of therapy that emphasizes finding new adaptive ways of intentionally responding to unpleasant thoughts or anxious feelings. This is accomplished using a mix of present moment awareness, somatic focus, examining values, and skill based learning to increase one's psychological flexibility. 

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Mindfulness is the practice of bringing a sense of non-judgemental awareness to our thoughts, emotions, and body. It can prove to be helpful in managing anxiety as it allows us to develop greater insight into our patterns of cognition and how we respond to these thoughts. Additionally the implementation of mindfulness helps develop greater ability to tolerate discomfort and fully allow us to remain present even in the face of great distress 


Exposure and response prevention(ERP) is a form of CBT that has found to be highly effective in combatting various anxiety disorders. In ERP the individual confronts fear provoking stimulus to lessen the tendency to avoid or engage in compulsive behavior that only exacerbates anxiety further. By learning to face fear head on in a safe environment we can re-condition our response to anxiety. 

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