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Substance Use

Alcohol Use

Cannabis Use


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Motivational Interviewing 

In the context of substance use, ACT provides an ability to recognize behavioral responses that lend themselves to unhealthy coping mechanisms, and empowers individuals in making more intentional choices. Furthermore, this approach can also assist to develop a keener awareness of problematic thoughts which exacerbate cravings and drive addictive behaviors. . 

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The power of mindfulness in treating substance use lies in gaining a deeper recognition of when cravings are present and an increased ability to tolerate urges as they surface. Additionally, mindfulness can alleviate the intensity of a wide variety of co-occurring mental health condition that perpetuate substance use. 

Motivational Interviewing is a tool that is used to facilitate behavior change and encourage maintenance of these changes. It employs the use of examining internal motivation and drawing on personal strengths as means of overcoming difficult challenges. This in turn, can promote greater confidence and a sense of agency in changing behavior.

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