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Low Mood

Low Self-Esteem

Worry/ Rumination

Distorted Thoughts

Changes in Sleep Patterns

Social Isolation

Lack of pleasure/ Interest

Decreased Motivation

Impaired concentration



Solution Focused 

Cognitive Behavioral therapy allows us to gain awareness surrounding unrealistic/ negative patterns of thought and the various behaviors that contribute to depression. In being able to recognize these aspects and make adjustments, we can begin to create new habits and ways of engaging with these thoughts that in turn lead to improving our mood. 

Hands Red



Acceptance and Commitment Therapy has proven to be particularly effective in treating depression as it offers tools to not only increase self compassion but also enhances the ability to  prevent ruminative thought spirals.  

Solution Focused Therapy draws on identifying personal strengths and helps develop coping skills that are informed by these strengths to more effectively withstand depression. This approach is also effective with respect to looking more at how to move forward, as opposed to fixating on the issue at hand.   

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